Blk 303 Wanton Mee

This may be Sengkang’s best kept secret. Tuck away in a nondescript coffeeshop at Blk 303 Anchorvale is a noodle stall that offers very good quality wanton mee. The noodle type is the traditional type that I like instead of those you find in Cha Chan Ting. The portion is generous and char siew pieces are large and fresh, unlike some
places where the char siew is an after thought. The gravy mix of home made chilli and ketchup (yes its ketchup based) is just what I like.

The $3 portion is good enough for a proper meal, not like some where you need to supplement it with an additional dumpling soup.
Overall rating for quality and value for money: 5 stars


[Movie] A Good Day To Die Hard

IMDb link:
Venue: NEX
Date: 8 Feb 2013

Well what can I say. this is exactly what you expect from a Die Hard movie franchise. Loud, macho, lots of cars destroyed, lots of explosions, good guys American, bad guys Russian. Typical from start to end. But that’s not to say its not entertaining. Despite the cliche plot and mediocre acting, its saved by the action, which is mostly what the audience go for. Some of the action sequences are so over-the-top you start to wonder if it’s CG.

Did I mention Bruce Willis is old? Kudos to him for getting into all the action. And he can still deliver wise cracks. But he should retire already.

Ratings: 3 stars