Melben seafood restaurant@ Ang Mo Kio


Melben Shopfront

Initially, I was planning to bring my parents to eat at the famous Ocean Fishhead Curry at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. Unknowing that the shop had moved to Toa Payoh Lorong 1 instead. So, I decided to bring them to Melben Seafood Restuarant, which is only 100m away.

It was dinner time, around 6.00pm. We had to wait about 20mins for our table. We waited about another 20-30mins until all our food came. First came the prawn paste chicken wings and the stir-fried vegetables, and finally the noodle soup. The servings were just nice and we were all very satisfied with our dinner.


Prawn paste fried chicken and Stir-fried vegetables (Nai- bai)



Famous Crab noodle soup

The crab was fresh. The soup base was fragrant and smooth. The whole meal cost about SGD78.00 which was reasonable for 3 people. The meal was worth it!



Lam’s noodle@sin ming


Lam’s noodle stall front

Hidden in Blk 22 Sin Ming Road (extreme right end), Lam’s noodles stall resides in one of the many coffee shops in the block. Singaporeans like minced pork noodles and this brand name serves a great dish. A standard bowl cost SGD3.00. It is flavored with the dark sauce (braised with mushrooms). The cook also added deep fried lard to add more flavor to the noodles. The soup base has a strong taste of minced pork, flavorful and refreshing.The noodles are not overly cooked and are bouncy. A great meal for breakfast!



Minced Pork noodle (Dry)


Movie – Oblivion

IMDb link:

The year is 2077 and the setting is post-apocalyptic earth. We learn from the movie narration that there was a huge battle with an alien species called scavs in 2017, but the war was won and the human race survived. But earth was mostly destroyed, and a small group of human operators remained to repair drones, which helps to protect resource extracting machines and hunt down scavs. When all resources are harvested the crew will be expected to join the rest of the surviving humanity on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.

But of course things are never quite as simple as it seems.

The execution of the movie is well-paced and the story keeps you on the edge as you try to imagine what could possibly be going on. Thankfully, the director chooses to drop hints along the way instead of dropping a bombshell at the end. The sets looks cool and believable, and is a nice departure from movies that tries too hard. This is one of the few movies in this genre to have a refreshing storyline and a satisfying ending. Highly recommended.

One minor quip: much as we wish, we most certainly do not have the technology to do deep sleep by 2017.

Overall ratings: 4/5 stars

Photo 17-4-13 8 27 39 PM

Seoul – Yongsan (Day 2)

The planned day 2 in Seoul was set for Noryanjin Fish Market, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage) and Everland.

However, as arrival to Seoul and visits to the Grand Palaces have been super tiring for my back and feet, the plan changed…

Noryangjin Fish Market : Address 13-8 Noryangjin-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Noryangjin Station

Noryangjin Station

Fish market view from second floor

Fish market view from second floor

Fish market view from side

Fish market view from side

I took the train to Noryangjin station. The fish market is beside the station. Going alone to the fish market is no fun because you are unable to try the different types of seafood alone so I merely walked passed the stalls if the stall owners keep “pestering” me to buy their seafood. I had actually wanted to try out the “live” octopus legs but I didn’t in the end in the fear of being “cheated” haha. I left shortly…

National Museum of Korea (Nearest Station is Ichon Station)

I took a train to Yongsan Station (just 1 stop instead of Ichon Station). The name Yongsan means “Dragon Hill”, derived from the hanja characters for dragon (龍 yong) and hill/mountain (山 san). I decided to walk to the National Museum of Korea so that I could explore the area more.

As I walked, I came across residential housing, Condominiums and offices. This is probably the first time I had actually seen residential area so up close and personal. It reminded by of the HDB flats in Singapore.


Residential Homes

Oh… as I walked… I also noticed something very interesting. There was a unification building and outside the building stood 4 statues holding hands and being such good friends!!

Guess who are the 4 statues? hee hee

Guess who are the 4 statues? hee hee

I reckon the first statue being Confuscius, then Buddha, then Jesus and finally Allah (Islam). Did  you guess them correctly? hahaha

I was also surprised to see a US Army base. It was huge and security was tight.

Finally I managed to reach the national museum after 30-40mins of walking. I suggest any visitors to take to Ichon station instead… too much walking!! The place is huge!!! My feet definitely hurt more so I decided to go to the Dragon Hill Spa later 🙂


Map of the Museum




Seoul – Sightseeing the Grand palaces

The first thing I did after landing at Incheon International Airport, was to take the subway to Gyeongbokgung station. The journey from the airport to the station took about 67mins. The train journey was not bad considering it was during office peak hours (7.30am to 8.50am).

Train was broad and spacious

Train was broad and spacious

If you are a cultural person, you can head to visit the grand palaces. There are a total of about 5 grand palaces and each visit you make is 3,000won. They do sell a package worth 10,000won which for all the 5 palaces and a shrine. The grand palaces are Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung and Gyeonghuigung Palace.


1454 1539 1480

The palaces are huge and my feet actually got too tired and sore. haha…  Typically they look the same…. haha so if you are a non-cultural person.. you can just take nice pictures from the outside or just visit Gyeongbokgung palace. It is the biggest and has Change of Guard processions.

Movie – The Host


Date: 5 Apr 2013
Venue: Marina sq GV
Time: 21:00

Q: What is a sci-fi alien invasion movie without montrous aliens, cool-looking spaceships and an armageddon-like showdown? Ans: one written by a women (no disparaging intended). In this case, a very famous one – Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight). It’s good that she is approaching a different subject matter ‘cos the vampire thing has certainly overstayed its welcome.

As the name implies, the story is about aliens taking over the bodies of humans. The “parasite” in this case is a swiggly amoeba/jellyfish looking thing that inhibits and takes control of the host. The question is, is the host still alive/aware/conscious when he/she has been taken over.

SPOILER ALERT (mouse-over to see)

Verdict: I admit: I felt a bit cheated. This is actually a love story in the guise of an alien flick. Despite that and the predictable ending, it is still quite watchable, thanks to the good-looking cast and chemistry between the characters.

Rating: 3.5/5

Taipei 2013 – Day 4

It’s the last day of the trip and we didn’t really plan anything as we need to check out by 12. We decided to skip hotel breakfast and look for 永和豆漿大王. J and I did try to look up the location beforehand but didn’t manage get a confirmed address. It didn’t help that the hotel receptionist told us there isn’t one nearby. Nonetheless, in the spirit of adventure, we still went out to search for a breakfast place – hopefully there are other 豆漿 around.

It’s a Sunday and most shops were not opened that early. Walked a distance past XMD but still no luck. Hmmm. I was about to give up. Then we saw it.


The queue sure was long and there weren’t many tables for eating there. But we were lucky to get a table just as we were queuing. 🙂



By the time we walked back to hotel it was already 1.15pm and our designated cabbie Mr Guo was already waiting outside. Mr Guo is the taxi “uncle” who sent us back to the hotel last night. We asked for his contact to arrange to go airport today. Along the way Mr Guo told us he also does day trips and introduces us to various places of attractions in Taiwan. He even took the trouble to take the coastal highway – which is longer and hence more bo hua for him – to let us enjoy the more scenic view on our way to airport! Super nice!

Thus our very short and spontaneous trip came to an end. I totally enjoyed myself. Will I be back? You bet!