The Hidden Gem: Artichoke

If this is your FIRST visit, you might be a lil frustrated while hunting down this cafe.  Hidden behind a rather run-down building, Artichoke Cafe is like a hidden gem.

Barely before 11.30am on Sunday, we thought we were early for brunch. We were quite surprised to see a few people already outside at the al fresco seats.  Unknowingly, when we approached the  staff, we were asked “Reservation?”  No reservation means no indoor aircon seats which also means wait.  By 11.30am,  crowd began to form outside the entrance and we really wondered where they came from! Anyway, we were seated outside, right next to the entrance. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for long and the weather was good – not too hot 🙂


The cafe serves middle-eastern cuisine and the atmosphere is good.  Majority of the customers are Caucasians and the service is good. The manager or boss seems to know his regulars very well.

For a small eater, I find the serving portion big.  I couldn’t finish my food!

artichoke artichoke1

Nice place to chill out.  Next time you plan to go, do make sure you call to reserve first!



[Movie] Star Trek Into Darkness


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JJ Abrams is a damn good storyteller and that’s what sets him apart from lesser directors. Just like the fantastic first movie, there is rarely a dull moment and action begins right from the start.

The second movie begins with Kirk making a judgement call that goes against the Starfleet’s Prime Directive in order to save Spock. He ends up getting demoted and losing stewardship of the USS Enterprise as a result. After a terrorist attack on the federation, Kirk and Spock goes on a mission to pursue the attacker, Khan, who had escaped to the land of the Klingon – a place where the federation is not allowed to enter due to treaty. And that’s where the real action begins.

If the first movie is about the beginnings of Kirk and Spock, the second movie is all about the camaraderie or bromance between them. And that is really the main point, ‘cos it sets the stage for real action in the forthcoming episodes as USS Enterprise goes on a five year mission. Are you ready to boldly go where no man has gone before?

Overall ratings: 4.5/5

Photo 16-5-13 9 35 17 AM

[Travel] Unwinding in Down Under

This must have been the most ‘bochup’ and ‘zobo’ trip! <‘bochup’ refers to indifference; ‘zobo’ refers to idle’, loosely in Hokkien>. Yet, ironically, it is also a very eventful one. Why? Things that could/may/should not have happened, happened. Let me jogged my memory here:

  1. We didnt really have time to source for accommodation. Finally decided and they’re not available by then. We had to ‘hop’ between 3 diff places (& 1 more! see s/n 6);
  2. We didnt realise/remember to apply visas. Had to pay 5x more for visas on-the-spot;
  3. By the time I realised my boots were ‘peeling’, it was too late cos I was already mid-air.  1st thing that happened when I touched down was to buy slippers at the airport cos the boots totally gave way;
  4. Bell Tower and Swan River were under some development;
  5. We both fell sick soon after and the Chemist was our fave haunt and best friend; and
  6. The last B&B ‘upgraded’ us to another place cos there was a burst pipe.

Alrighty! Sounds eventful enough?  That’s all I want to remember anyways 🙂

Well, we should count our blessings too, right? At least the weather was perfect! Cooling and breezy throughout our stay, albeit some light drizzles on Day 1 and 2.  Most impt of all, we got to visit our friends and their adorable bb!  And how often do we get to stroll and sit by the park on a weekday morning, watching children at the playground and catching up on my movie on ipad? 🙂  It’s a luxury, aint it?!

U bet! Slippers & Boots were my Day 1 shopping

U bet! Slippers & Boots were my Day 1 shopping

Okies, let’s talk about FOOD! Apart from the popular Fish & Chips, we tried Vietnamese, Jap, Korean, Chinese, Italian 🙂

IMG_3807 IMG_3809IMG_4072 IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3865 IMG_3902 IMG_3943 IMG_3963 IMG_3993 IMG_4008 IMG_4053

Another interesting thing that happened to us is our ACCOMMODATION.  This is one trip where we really hopped from one place to another…

Day 1 – Miss Maud Swedish Hotel at Perth City Centre

IMG_3819 IMG_3787 IMG_3789

Day 2-4 – Olympia, Fremantle

IMG_3855 IMG_3851 IMG_3854

Day 5-6 – Fremantle B&B…then upgraded to Heritage Cottage, Fremantle


Though we were down with flu, sore throat and cough, we still enjoyed the slow pace of life and nice weather 🙂

IMG_3863 IMG_3886 IMG_3888 IMG_3931 IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3949 IMG_3952 IMG_3954 IMG_3957 IMG_3973 IMG_3999

A pity that we didnt really plan to do much. After all, we were only seeking to take a well-deserved break and get away from all the work stress.  Hope we can do better next time, probably 🙂

ps:  Apologies for the random-ness of this blog. Yours truly is still a lil under the weather :S

[Movie] Iron Man 3

IMDb link:

Some of the delights of the Iron Man series are the cool gadgets and
immersive 3D user-interaction. And the Iron Man suit evolves along with each
new movie. The latest incarnation does not disappoint in this respect. If
you thought Iron Man 2’s suit-in-a-suitcase was cool then this one will blow
you away.

On the whole, Iron Man 3 is a much better movie than Iron Man 2, and is on par
with the first instalment in some ways. The effects are good and the plot is
interesting – though scientifically speaking some of the plot elements are
really stretching. Then you remind yourself this is comic book material –
far more ridiculous things have happened in comic books – and somehow it
becomes more acceptable, but only just. I didn’t quite like the ending
though, and I’m not alone in this. Still this is a must-watch for any Marvel

Overall rating: 4/5