[Movie] Man of Steel


IMDb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0770828

Some say it’s boring and fell asleep. Some say it’s different and refreshing. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Personally I’m not overwhelmed. There are parts that I like: Krypton’s background, Superman’s power origins, cool liquid-metal-like effects, the terraforming idea and the fact that there’s no cheesy Kryptonite moments. Minuses: picturesque but detached storytelling, underuse of veteran actors like Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Laurence Fishburne. But my number one complain is the overly long-drawn battle scenes. After a while the audience couldn’t tell what’s happening and frankly couldn’t care too. Kind of reminds you of the atrocity Michael Bay did to Transformers.

Overall ratings: 3.5/5


Within the Flower Dome…there’s POLLEN!

It’s pretty hard to tell the entrance of the Pollen restaurant as it is tucked at a somewhat secluded corner of the Flower Dome, one of the two main lures of Singapore’s latest tourist attraction, Gardens by the Bay. For those who don’t know, the other ‘must-see’ is the Cloud Forest.

Given the secluded location, one may think it’s easy to get a seat. But you are wrong. We tried making reservation for dinner about a month in advance and we were told that it’s fully booked! For lunch perhaps, it was relatively easier for us.

Without further deliberation, we decided to get the set lunch.


After our champagne and still water, we were served with a set of starters … …


Then, the roasted scallop truffle soup that was great.  For main, I ordered the potato. Do not be misled by the photo below (can you tell it’s potatoes?). You may think it’s light with just a few pieces of potato.  I can vouch that by the 3rd one, I was already full!


Opps! The dessert was so nice that we forgot to take photos as we indulged in it. We ordered the Thai Peanut and Chocolate “Kopi”. Yummy!! Will leave it to your imagination! Hee

One of the highlights is that if you are dining in the restaurant, you’ll get free, yes FOC, entrance into the Flower Dome. Take the lift to level 2 from the restaurant and Tah-dah! You’re in the Dome!  Make sure you don’t buy the entrance ticket and enter the Dome by its main entrance…then regret that you actually have free access 🙂

Enjoy the food and of cos, the flowers!




[Movie] Now You See Me


IMDb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1670345/


The last memorable show about magic is The Prestige by the venerable Christopher Nolan – Director “The Dark Knight”. And it is indeed a very high mark to beat. Unfortunately the incumbent remains unchallenged and will probably remain so for a long time.

A friend neatly summarizes this show as “Ocean’s Eleven” with magic, and it’s not far off. Fast action, fancy – some say irritating – camerawork, a bank heist, multiple skilled people on a job. Add to that a car chase and an overarching story about magic and revenge and you have too many things going on.

Even so, a lot of questions are left unanswered. And the grand act that you were hoping for at the end never quite did materialize. The ending is – to me – a cop out and a bit of a stretch. If there was a trick, it may be the one on the audience – for thinking that the show is more than what it really is.

Rating: 3.5/5

Photo 7-6-13 7 01 57 PM

Prive @ Keppel Bay

In 2008, K had mentioned this new restaurant and we had wanted to celebrate his birthday there. Somehow,  it never materialised till my birthday this yr 🙂

Prive is located at the Keppel Bay and I find it rather inconvenient if one has to take bus, alight by the main road and take a stroll there. Then again, there are people who don’t mind strolling (when the weather is ideal). In fact, we saw a handful of joggers along our drive into the carpark.

There is a Prive Cafe and Prive Restaurant. So when you intend to make a reservation via phone call, you gotta be clear which one you prefer to dine in.

We didn’t order the standard 3 or 5-course meal with soup, starter, main, wine/champagne and dessert as we already had our fair share the day before at POLLEN <welcome to read about it somewhere in this blog ^_^ >

I jumped straight into the main and order the Duck Confit. As a mushroom lover, I couldn’t resist ordering mushrooms as a side.  K also ordered pan-seared foie gras on top of his main.  After our order, we were served promptly with soft warm bread, sweet potato chips to start our dinner. To our surprise, they also served us foie gras but not to pan-seared ones.  Instead of wine/champagne, I ordered strawberry daiquiri – my all-time fave.  Though nothing particular on the menu attracted me, we ordered a soufflé to share.


We found the restaurant ambience was more ‘classy’ but we preferred the food at Restaurant Ember of Hotel 1929, esp. the foie gras and dessert such as the lave cake.  Price wise, Prive was cheaper.  Maybe we did not order wine/champagne and soup.  I remember we spent almost $100 per pax at Ember last year.



ps:  apologies to those who are against eating foie gras. We don’t eat it every other day; just once in a blue moon yah!

The Italian Pasta Restaurant: La Pizzaiola

It was K’s belated birthday celebration and 6 of us decided to explore new eating places.  Recommended by a colleague, we drove to this unassuming restaurant amidst Teacher Estate. Apart from residents who formed the main crowd in the restaurant, we also noticed there are people who dropped by to collect pizzas…hmmmm 🙂

The overall furnishing of the place is simple and cozy.  The attraction ought to be the Made-In-Italy OVEN that’s one-of-its-kind in Sg!  These guys really take pride in their pizzas!

The Italian wait staff was warm.  Was our demeanour so obvious? He could tell it was our first visit to the restaurant. When we asked him for recommendations, the cheeky chap replied “Well….everythingz here is niz….”

We ordered 1 antipasta, 3 different types of pizzas, 3 soup of the day, 3 mains (cod fish, beef and opps I forgot), 1 bottle of red wine, 2 coffees, 1 pot of tea, 1 tiramisu, 1 lava cake and another dessert (opps I forgot again)

It’s really niz, nIz & NIZ!!!

Here are some of the food we took…

cod fish lava cake tiramisu wrapped pizza antipasta


For 6 pax with so much food that filled our tummies to the max, it only costs us about S$280.

Worth the try!

ps:  You can read all about THE OVEN in details at http://www.pizzaiola.com.sg/oven.php