Lovely latte art @ Chocks Full of Beans

A coffee lover friend has previously recommended this place to me. It’s one place where you get to see lovely latte art, she told me.  Though it’s not very far away from my place, I’ve not had the chance to visit Chocks Full of Beans at 4 Changi Village Road till recently.

The cafe is inconspicuously tucked at a corner of Blk 4, next to the bus terminal.  On a Friday evening, I would have expected it to be full house, as with many other similar joints in Singapore.  Well, this is the trend currently, where lotsa cafes and bistros are sprouting everywhere.  To my surprise, Chocks is not Full of Beans(lovers) when we arrived at about 8pm.  Strange!?  Then again, it means we didn’t need to queue and wait long for our table and food.  Happy 🙂  There are limited seats indoor, so we sat at a corner table outside.

We ordered latte (for me, it’s more to see the much-hyped latte art), pastas, chix wings and a choc cake.  Even though I was hungry, I wasn’t impressed with the food.  I would also rank the cake to be of ‘normal’ standard.  But yes, I’m impressed with the latte art  \^_^/

IMG_135834875206588   2013-10-18 21.11.18

IMG_135838425194379   IMG_1358419570547312013-10-18 21.10.37   2013-10-18 21.19.12


I was pretty attracted to the visuals on this giant chalkboard

As the cafe closes at 10pm, we left at about 9.30pm.  Customers began to stream in much later at about 9pm.  I concluded that the food may not be as important as the atmosphere the cafe brings to its customers.  Perhaps it’s also the nostalgia and laid-back feel of Changi V. This could be their selling point?