MIAM MIAM (repeat after me) MIAM MIAM

When my friend told me she would like to try out this new dining place that’s being publicised on the radio by KISS 92, I scratched my head. “It’s next to the newly renovated BHG!”  I was like “Where??”  Ok, I confess I am usually like a robot, who mechanically go to the same place for the same food for lunch. So it is not surprising that I have not noticed a new makan place budding in the area.

I have another confession:  I can hardly pronounce the name of the restaurant without repeating it at least twice 😦

MIAM MIAM….repeat after me….MIAM MIAM

The decoration is simple and it is in the open area at level 2 of Bugis Junction. The food they serve are typical French, Japanese cuisine.  I was attracted to the desserts at my first glance of the menu. Are you?

20131212_122855 20131212_123111 20131212_123116 20131212_124828 20131212_130333

The wait staff told us that if we exceeded $30, we will have a pancake FOC.  Much as we would like to order a choc soufflé, we decided to be prudent.  Everything on the menu looks good to me, not that I was hungry. I ordered the Miam Miam spaghetti and my friend ordered the lobster bisque pasta.  The staff told us we had to wait 15-20 mins for our food. My friend said the lobster was a bit tough. I was glad mine tasted to my liking. Not too heavy.  I’m not really a pancake fan. But I love this pancake. Fluffy and soft.

Overall, the place reminded me of Ambush and Platypus. All serve good food and have great atmosphere for gatherings. I would deem the price at Miam Miam is cheaper than Ambush and Platypus. Thumbs up!



Can’t see anything that’s Symmetrical

Symmetry is another typical “hole in the wall” cafe that recently popped out, according to K’s theory.  Indeed, it is inconspicuously located at Jalan Kubor.  An easier way of locating the cafe is to tell your friends that it is just next to the prominent landmark – Santa Grand Hotel at Bugis.

The moment I stepped into the cafe, I thought it was a lil too dark for my liking.  Unlike the name of the cafe, I couldn’t find anything that is symmetrical…hmmm…am I being dense to try associating the name with anything in the cafe? The crowd was mainly made up of youths (yes, I felt very out of place).  A quick observation – the staff here are not only young, the girls are also in super tight shorts* (Have all the guy readers woken up at this juncture? Haha)

*when i posted this on my FB, my guy friends immediately became interested about the (err…) place 

Back to the decoration, I was seated next to the window ledge and conveniently turned into a ‘photo whore’ 🙂

20131115_184912 20131115_184737
What a happy coincidence, I have the same bicycle at home!

We ordered a scallop dish for starter and 2 main courses – steak and chicken. Frankly, I was very lost going thru’ the menu as the names of the dishes did not come out distinctly. Some of them have further descriptions and others, you just have to rely on your own imagination.  To play safe, I ordered the chicken.

1384512648851  1384513580807  1384513583883  1384511782638

To our disappointment, we started with a WOW but that’s about it. The mains were not impressive. In fact, the chicken was a lil tough.

As one who seldom remembers price tags, this was one very memorable dinner for me. Friends whom I have shared this gastronomical experience with will hear the same from me – “1 starter, 2 mains, 2 drinks – $135!”  AND “The food is not fantastic!”

That left me wondering what else could be the omph factor for the survival of this cafe.  Maybe I shall ask my guy friends 🙂

Definitely not your usual ‘humble pies’!

I like the name of the cafe: Windowsill Pies – In the Woods.

I was first attracted to a pretty photo of the cafe posted in a friend’s FB. I didn’t know it is actually located near my work place, to my pleasant surprise.  Friends have told me the place is usually packed to the max on weekends. By virtue of convenience, I decided to try it out on a weekday, lunch time. Yes, pies accompanied with latte and nothing else for my lunch 🙂

I was happy to find that my colleagues and I were the 2nd batch of customers and we had many choices as to where we wanted to sit.  The not-so-big cafe gave me a comfy feel though there were no elaborate decoration. I think they changed the decoration regularly according to the seasons. I’ve got the christmas-y bear and trees.  Noticed the yellow vintage fridge?  You may think it was just part of the decoration. Nope!  FYI, it’s still working well and used to keep bottles of ice water for customers!

20131129_122456 20131129_122520

At Windowsill Pies, there are only SWEET pies. And the pies are “full of robust flavours and exciting textures…to dispel the notion of humble pie.”, according to its website.

We were wow-ed by the varied selections of pies at the counter.  We decided to share and ordered 4 pies – the S’mores, Strawberry Lemon, Funny Apples and Banana Almond Brittle.  And, how could we miss ordering latte to go with the pies?

2013-11-29 12.30.04 20131129_123128

We only had one word to describe the pies – YUMMY!  They were all tasty and we were happy!

By 1pm, we noticed more customers, mainly the young ones, streaming in to dine in or takeaway.  Coincidentally, I bumped into 2 friends who specially drove here from the Novena area to try the pies upon hearing about it from peers. Then, my colleague saw a Grasshopper Pie that had a chocolate flourless cake base topped with a crazy fresh mint cream. Even though we were already done with our pies and latte, she said she would want to try that next time.

The pies here are really attractive, tasty and most importantly, not ‘gelat’. You’ll just want to try them all!  Before we stepped out of the cafe, we were still loitering around the counter, admiring the pies. The S’mores pie was just left with 2 slices!

I’ll definitely be back soon to try the remaining Pecan, Grasshopper, Morello Cherry & Coconut Lime Vodka!