Primary 6 Math?

K shared a pic he saw on fb, purportedly from a primary 6 math question:

Photo 8-1-14 11 27 25 pm

I saw the question when I just woke up and replied. It seem easy enough. However, after posting I immediately realized its wrong. The usual area subtraction tricks doesn’t seem to work. Well it seems obvious that it’s the area of 2 intersecting circles.


The problem is I couldn’t recall learning any formula for it. I suspected that it involves geometry and trigonometry, but do they learn these things in primary 6? It bothered me enough to do a search and it turns out the following answer from Wolfram – which has this slightly threatening formula:

Equation 14


Using the formula substituting r=4, R=8 and d=sqrt( 8*8 + 8*8 ), I got A = 1.727623528

Can someone verify if this is correct? Is there an easier way? Math teachers?


MIAM MIAM (repeat after me) MIAM MIAM

When my friend told me she would like to try out this new dining place that’s being publicised on the radio by KISS 92, I scratched my head. “It’s next to the newly renovated BHG!”  I was like “Where??”  Ok, I confess I am usually like a robot, who mechanically go to the same place for the same food for lunch. So it is not surprising that I have not noticed a new makan place budding in the area.

I have another confession:  I can hardly pronounce the name of the restaurant without repeating it at least twice 😦

MIAM MIAM….repeat after me….MIAM MIAM

The decoration is simple and it is in the open area at level 2 of Bugis Junction. The food they serve are typical French, Japanese cuisine.  I was attracted to the desserts at my first glance of the menu. Are you?

20131212_122855 20131212_123111 20131212_123116 20131212_124828 20131212_130333

The wait staff told us that if we exceeded $30, we will have a pancake FOC.  Much as we would like to order a choc soufflé, we decided to be prudent.  Everything on the menu looks good to me, not that I was hungry. I ordered the Miam Miam spaghetti and my friend ordered the lobster bisque pasta.  The staff told us we had to wait 15-20 mins for our food. My friend said the lobster was a bit tough. I was glad mine tasted to my liking. Not too heavy.  I’m not really a pancake fan. But I love this pancake. Fluffy and soft.

Overall, the place reminded me of Ambush and Platypus. All serve good food and have great atmosphere for gatherings. I would deem the price at Miam Miam is cheaper than Ambush and Platypus. Thumbs up!


Seoul – Sightseeing the Grand palaces

The first thing I did after landing at Incheon International Airport, was to take the subway to Gyeongbokgung station. The journey from the airport to the station took about 67mins. The train journey was not bad considering it was during office peak hours (7.30am to 8.50am).

Train was broad and spacious

Train was broad and spacious

If you are a cultural person, you can head to visit the grand palaces. There are a total of about 5 grand palaces and each visit you make is 3,000won. They do sell a package worth 10,000won which for all the 5 palaces and a shrine. The grand palaces are Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung and Gyeonghuigung Palace.


1454 1539 1480

The palaces are huge and my feet actually got too tired and sore. haha…  Typically they look the same…. haha so if you are a non-cultural person.. you can just take nice pictures from the outside or just visit Gyeongbokgung palace. It is the biggest and has Change of Guard processions.